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Whether you are on the trail or pavement, upgrading your Jeep's wheels and tires will make your rig stand out. But not only will adding a new set of wheels look great , Jeep aftermarket wheels will provide better fitment for wider tires, provide protection on the trail and depending on your wheel choice can have a beadlock option to keep your tire from dismounting in a low air situation.

So how do you find the perfect wheel and tire setup for your needs? Steel or Alloy material? And how will it fit? These are the questions that we have provided lots of information in product descriptions, including the proper offset and backspacing for your desired tire size, along with the largest wheel and tire fitment for a stock suspension, or no lift setup. Adding a suspension lift to your Jeep will compliment your wheels and tires, and we find most of our customers who use there Jeep as a dual purpose, stick with a 1.5-2.5" Lift kit and 35" tires to maintain highway manners and fuel mileage.

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